The Tuesday Tease – Week 3

Here’s another tease for Return to Walandra. Enjoy!

cover 2 for return to walandra 1“Demlins are dark, evil creatures that live in the Land of Shadows.  These two are servants of Alona and were sent here to earn Cassy’s trust so they could use her to destroy the Royal family.”  Keira glanced at Cassy and gave her a knowing look.

“Oh, no, is Frier okay?  They haven’t harmed him, have they?”  Cassy’s heart ached at the idea of Frier in the hands of Alona.

“No, he’s safe for now, but if we don’t stop Alona, I fear the entire Royal family will be lost.”  Keira did not want to frighten Cassy, but it was important she knew the truth.

“I don’t understand.  What does this all have to do with Cassy?”  Steve cleared his throat, trying to calm his nerves.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s teaser from Return to Walandra. If you haven’t read book 1, it’s available on Amazon for only $2.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited.


Expanding Your Horizons

As  Indie Authors, we are always looking for exciting things to add to our writing careers.  While writing books are our first passion, learning exciting new things can make writing a never-ending thrill ride.

Next Move, You're Dead by Linda L Barton
I didn’t make this cover.

When I self-published my debut novel, Next Move, You’re Dead seven years ago this month, I never expected I would discover so many fun things to do which would make my writing career so exciting.  Of course, some of them were a way to save money. LOL

Being a bit tight with my money, and wanting my books to get out of the red on the earning scale, I taught myself how to format my books for ebook and print, and then I moved on to learn how to create my own book covers. After hours of pure insanity and pounding my forehead on my desk more times than I want to admit, I may not have mastered the craft, but I can do a pretty good job. Heck, I’ve made the covers for all of my books except for two of them.

Then one day I had the bright idea of doing a podcast. I’d never done anything like that before, but I thought, heck, if others can do it why can’t I, right? So, with my partner, Indie Author, Lisa Vandiver at Dead Reads, we started the Deadly Reads Radio podcast.  We started out on Blog Talk Radio, but last year we decided to leave and move directly to Youtube. If you want to check out our little podcast go HERE.

Next, Lisa and I decided to dive into the world of Author Services. Heck, we had learned how to prepare a book for the reading public, so we decided to offer our services for a reasonable price. We’ve had so much fun helping first-time authors get their books ready to publish. If you ever find yourself in need of our services you can find us on our website Author Services page. We offer a wide range of services.

  • Our Twitter Blast Service
  • Premade Book Covers
  • Custom Covers
  • Book Formatting for ebook and print
  • Editing and proofreading
  • We will even bundle services for a discount price
I made this cover for Lisa

While doing all that is fun, Lisa and I can’t seem to stop wanting to learn more. Our latest adventure is in the world of screenwriting. I must admit I was a bit nervous at first, but as I go along, I’m finding it to be not only fun but also easier than I had initially thought. Lisa has already finished her short story, The Moon People. which is available as a FREE download on Amazon. She then wrote a skeleton version of my short story, Sacrificing Souls so I could have it to learn. I must admit using the Final Draft software practically writes it for you. I was a little nervous when we purchased it because it’s a little pricey, but as I go on, I’m finding it is worth every penny.

Writing a screenplay is SO different than writing a novel. In a novel, you are supposed to show not tell, BUT in a screenplay, it’s the opposite. Everything is done in present-tense, and you only give the bare minimum description in the action statement. Yeah, I know, it goes against everything we do as authors, but, hey, rules are rules.

Over time, Lisa and I plan to put most if not, all of our books in a screenplay version and see where we go from there. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

The other thing I’ve decided to learn is how to do computer-generated imagery or CGI.  I found an open-source program called Blender. While it’s free, it’s loaded with options. The only problem is IT’S LOADED WITH OPTIONS. I found a YouTube channel with some great tutorials, but the learning curve is still tough. Whenever I finish my first project, I’ll share it with you, but until then I’ll keep watching the tutorial videos and stumbling through the Blender program.

Here’s a video created using the program. Who knows, maybe someday soon I’ll be able to create something just as good. Teehee…

Pretty cool, huh? I see some AWESOME book trailer videos and short movies ahead for Deadly Reads.

Well, I need to get back to work. I just thought I’d share what all I’ve been up to lately. Take care, and if you’re a writer KEEP WRITING, and if you’re a reader grab a great book from an Indie Author. That always makes us smile.

You can find my books on Amazon. Lisa’s are available on Amazon, too. Lisa and I have several FREE ones for you more frugal readers.

See y’all later!


Deadly Reads Radio has it ALL!

If you enjoy learning what makes those in the Publishing and Entertainment industries tick, I recommend you drop by the Deadly Reads Radio Podcast on Youtube and have a peek at our shows. We have interviewed some of the most interesting people who have shared their thoughts and ambitions in their careers. We’ve interviewed Authors, Actors, Screenwriters, Producers, Directors, musicians, and many other exciting people.

Deadly Reads Radio Podcast on Youtube

Also, if you are someone in one of those industries and would like to be showcased on our podcast, I’d love to hear from you. Just send me an email at and put Podcast Guest in the subject line.

My visit on the Horrorist Podcast

300x300_12283145I had so much fun being a guest on the Horrorist Podcast.  We talked about all those scary things that go bump in the night, and of course, my books.  It was a fun interview and I look forward to having him join us on the Deadly Reads Radio podcast later this month for Halloween.

Get ready for some crazy conversation where you’ll get a chance to learn about all the paranormal experiences I’ve had in my life.  I feel the hairs standing on the back of my neck already.  I do want to tell you that my voice sounds horrible the first couple of minutes because I forgot to pull my mic to my mouth.  LOL

Facebook Cover Videos

I know this post is late, but I was up until 3 am working on my exciting new project.  It took extra cups of coffee to get my brain-fog cleared up enough so I could write this post. LOL

Well, I did it. I decided to make a Facebook Page cover video.  Why did I decide to make a cover video for my Facebook Author page?  I have no idea other than the crazy idea popped into my head and wouldn’t leave. LOL

Now, I’m not saying I haven’t made other little videos such as book trailers, and YouTube videos.  I just wasn’t sure how to make one good enough to put on my Facebook Author Page.   I’ve seen a handful of them on those pages run by those crazed business entrepreneurs.  You know the ones I’m talking about; those flashy, modern, and eye-catching videos that blaze across their Facebook Page.

Not sure if that style fits my strange personality, I decided just to jump in and see with develops.  First thing I did was head straight over to Google and find information on how to make a Facebook Cover Video.  Of course, I found several apps that could help me make the perfect cover video (those were their words, not mine) however, there was a problem. NONE of them were completely free to use.  Each had some sort of strings attached to use their video making app.

Not the type to surrender at the first hurdle, I pressed onward. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks… I have Movie Maker on my computer!  After hitting a few keys on my trusty laptop, I had found a couple of articles explaining how I could make my AWESOME and FUN cover video for my Facebook Page. Life was good again!! LOL

Then the real work began… what did I want the cover video to say?  Sheez, I knew there would be a catch to this project.  Did I want a serious, all business cover video?  Or, did I want one that was a bit quirky… just like me?  Refusing to be anything other than myself, I knew how I would make my cover video.  It would be fun and with my crazy personality.  Yep, it would be just like me.

I’ve never been one to take myself too seriously.  Heck, I’m the first one to laugh at myself.  I know I’m a bit off and I don’t care if people like or dislike me.  I’m just me.  Nothing more, nothing less.  So, after a good, strong adult beverage my quest to create the PERFECT Facebook Page Cover Video commenced.  After finding what I believed was the perfect music that has my crazy attitude and putting together some fun images, my video was ready to share with the world.

I’m glad I decided to make a cover video for my Author page.  Heck, I may even use it on other social media I use. teehee

I invite you to go check out my cover video, and while you’re there if you don’t mind would you give my page a like?  Be sure the volume is on at the bottom lefthand corner of the video screen.

Linda L Barton Facebook Author Page