The Tuesday Tease – A Little Change

Well, I know I’ve been sharing blips of my current-work-in-process, Return to Walandra, BUT I’ve fallen prey to something I’m sure most writers do… I got distracted and pulled away to another project.

While I plan to finish writing Return to Walandra, the ‘voices’ have temporarily gone silent because of the ‘voices’ for my first attempt at writing a movie screenplay are screaming in my head. LOL

Sacrificing Souls is from my Paranormal/Horror Halloween blog short story from a couple of years ago. I had always thought it could make a great ‘scare-fest’ on the big screen, so I thought why not put it into a screenplay, right?

Of course, there was one little problem… I’ve never written a screenplay.  So, I took the plunge. I purchased Final Draft and started watching YouTube videos on how to make this dive into unfamiliar waters without drowning. LOL

Wow, talk about a completely different way of writing!  One thing I’m happy about is I’ve always written LOTS of dialogue in my books, so at least I’m one step ahead there.

So, in the spirit of The Tuesday Tease, I thought I’d share some of my screenplay with you as I go through a first edit. I’m sure there will be SEVERAL more edits. LOL

I wasn’t able to make it look exactly the way it does in Final Draft, but this will give you an idea of what I’m doing. As my fellow authors will see, writing a screenplay is a WHOLE  different animal. LOL

This is a scene from Sacrificing Souls:


The WORN wheels on the dolly RUB against the metal frame, SQUEAKING LOUDLY with each rotation. Frank enters the kitchen. He walks toward the corner by the exit to the back porch.

The temperature in the room suddenly drops, showing each breath Frank takes. Pushing the dolly to the corner, Frank SENSES an unseen presence. Beads of sweat appear on his forehead, in spite of the cold.

Frank STOPS and glances around the room. Dread is on his face. Frank unclasps the strap around the boxes.


You shall be another sacrifice.

Frank FREEZES in place, his eyes wide with fear.

FRANK (quivering)

Who–Who said that?

DEEP SINISTER VOICE (evil laughter)

Frank looks around the room. His face is ASHEN and his body TREMBLES.


You–you– you’re not real. I–I–I’m just letting m–m–my imagine g–g–getting the best of me.

Frank lifts the first box and sets it next to the wall.

DEEP SINISTER VOICE (louder evil laughter)

Frank picks up two of the boxes and stacks them by the first. He reaches for the last two boxes. His vision becomes blurry.

FRANK (groans)

With both hands, Frank frantically RUBS his eyes.


Your death will be thought as an accident, but you will know the truth.


Flames fill the room. The intense heat of the flames GLOWS. The metal cabinet handles and the appliances on the countertop are BUBBLING and MELTING. Frank STUMBLES backward, tripping over one of the kitchen table chairs. Holding out his hands, Frank watches the flesh melt away, leaving only bone.

FRANK (agonizing groans)

The fire grows until his entire body is trapped in the flames. His body THRASHES, as the flames consume his flesh. Frank is on the verge of MADNESS. He opens his mouth to CRY OUT when in a FLASH of bright light, THE ROOM AND HE RETURN TO NORMAL.

Frank quickly sets the last two boxes next to the others and RUSHES out of the kitchen, pushing the dolly, its wheels SQUEAKING LOUDLY.


I hope you enjoyed the tease from my first screenplay.  While this is a whole new learning curve for me, I must confess that I’m having a blast!

Sacricifing Souls image
This is how I envision the mansion. WGA Registration Number: 1944758



The Tuesday Tease – Week 4

Here’s some more fun from Return to Walandra: Book 2 – The Dragon’s Blood Key

cover 2 for return to walandra 1Donna and Steve leaned forward and looked closer at the stone.  It was quite beautiful, but upon closer inspection, they noticed a spark of light glowing from its center.

“I don’t understand.  I’ve seen this necklace around her neck for months, but I don’t remember it glowing like this,” Donna reached up to touch the stone.

“It is glowing now to give her the strength she needs to stop the Evil Queen in her plan to destroy Walandra.  We are on the verge of a great battle, and I fear many will not survive,” King Ashlym’s voice was firm and unyielding.


Farewell to a Trailblazer of Nighttime Talk Radio

For those of you who don’t know, I drove team over-the-road with my husband for ten years. He would typically drive during the day, and I drove at night. I spent many a long, lonely night driving the interstate highways of this great country. However, I could always turn on our satellite radio and listen to Coast to Coast with Art Bell, and the miles would seem to fly by. His show was always interesting and managed to challenge his listeners to think outside of the box.

The subjects were intriguing, at times a bit silly, while other times they were just plain out scary. I remember one Halloween night during his Ghost to Ghost show where callers would share their ghost stories; I sat in the driver’s seat of our Peterbilt truck scared shitless. It didn’t help while driving across the desert in Arizona, I drove into a pocket of cold air. This, of course, caused the windows in the cab of the truck to fog up just when he was talking about how ghosts create cold spots at that VERY same moment. Yep, you couldn’t have pealed my hands from the steering wheel. Heck, after that, I was WIDE AWAKE for the remainder of my shift.

I even remember the time my stepmom, who was a huge Art Bell fan, talked my dad into to taking her to edge of Area 51. Dad said, “There were several groups of UFO hunters, all sitting in lawn chairs and looking up at the night sky waiting for a UFO. We sat there ALL night long and never saw one. Well, some thought a shooting star was a UFO.”

However, things don’t last forever. I no longer drive that big ol’ truck, and Art Bell is no longer with us. He passed from this existence and on to the next, on Friday 13, 2018 in his Pahrump home at the age of 72. I find it ironic he would pass on Friday the 13th, don’t you?

Bell was best known for his unsettling conspiracy theories and paranormal topics on his radio show, Coast to Coast AM. He was fascinated by paranormal and unexplained subjects, such as Bigfoot, UFO’s, crop circles, and those things that go bump in the night.

GHOST SIGHTING IN HONIARA IN THE SOLOMON ISLANDS. Tap on the image to read the full story.

Coast to Coast was syndicated nationwide on roughly 500 North American stations in the 1990’s.  He left the show in 2002 and turned the reins over to George Noory, who continued with the controversial show. Bell broadcast the show from Pahrump’s KNYE 95.1 FM, a station he founded. He was his own producer, engineer, and host.

Bell retired several times in his career, which included a short-lived show on SiriusXM satellite radio in 2013.

Returning to terrestrial radio afterward was not a difficult decision, he told the Pahrump Valley Times in August 2013.

Returning to terrestrial radio afterward was not a difficult decision, he told the Pahrump Valley Times in August 2013. “That’s easy because I love it,” he said at the time. “It’s my life, and that’s all I have ever done. I went through a lot of family problems, so that interrupted things, and I was overseas for four years, and that certainly interrupted things. I went back into radio because I love it.”

Date of sighting: January 1, 2018 Location of sighting: Orlando, Florida, USA Source: MUFON #89261 A fleet of white glowing UFO’s.

In 2006, Bell was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame, and then the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2008. He also held the Guinness World Record for a solo broadcast marathon, logging in more than 115 hours of airtime while working as a DJ in Okinawa, Japan for a while.

Born in Jacksonville, North Carolina on June 17, 1945, he was the only child of a military family and moved around a lot as a kid. I can relate because I’m the only child of a military family. Huh, maybe that’s part of why I enjoyed his show as much as I did; we were kindred spirits. LOL

According to the Coast to Coast AM website, Bell was an FCC licensed radio technician at age 13. He then went on to serve as a medic in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. However, this did not dampen his love for radio, and while in the Air Force, he created an on-base pirate radio station.

Though, it wasn’t until the mid-1980’s talk radio captivated Bell. He had joined KDWN-AM in Las Vegas, where he mastered his blend of the contemporary and unsettling.

The number of crop circles has greatly increased since the 1970’s until today. While many have been proven to be a hoax, others are still unproven. Tap on the image for more information.

In 1996, Bell, then 50 years-old, Bell told the Pahrump Valley Times, “I want to bring topics on the radio you otherwise might not hear.”

Well, I must say he did just that, and millions of his fans tuned in each night to learn about those things the MSM refuses of cover. Thank you, Art Bell, for making my long nights on the road entertaining while expanding my understanding of this grand universe we call home.

Please share your memories of listening to Art Bell below.

The Tuesday Tease – Week 3

Here’s another tease for Return to Walandra. Enjoy!

cover 2 for return to walandra 1“Demlins are dark, evil creatures that live in the Land of Shadows.  These two are servants of Alona and were sent here to earn Cassy’s trust so they could use her to destroy the Royal family.”  Keira glanced at Cassy and gave her a knowing look.

“Oh, no, is Frier okay?  They haven’t harmed him, have they?”  Cassy’s heart ached at the idea of Frier in the hands of Alona.

“No, he’s safe for now, but if we don’t stop Alona, I fear the entire Royal family will be lost.”  Keira did not want to frighten Cassy, but it was important she knew the truth.

“I don’t understand.  What does this all have to do with Cassy?”  Steve cleared his throat, trying to calm his nerves.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s teaser from Return to Walandra. If you haven’t read book 1, it’s available on Amazon for only $2.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited.