Important Shows on Deadly Reads Radio

Many of you know I also have a YouTube channel called Deadly Reads Radio.  On our shows, we talk with those in the Publishing and Entertainment industries about their projects and careers.  However, we, at Deadly Reads are also proud supporters of Essure Awareness.  

I’m sure many of you have never heard of the Essure Birth Control Device, and many of you who have were told it was a safe procedure with no dangerous side-effects.  My daughter-in-law was one of those women.  However, all the promises of a carefree form of birth control ended in tragedy for her. Failing health, intense pain, and other issues are what Essure gave her.

After meeting several women on the Essure Problems Facebook page, I decided it was time to alert women of this not only dangerous but DEADLY device.  Below is our first show in a series, where women who are suffering from Essure called in and shared their stories.  This is an important series for women to educate themselves before allowing Essure to be put inside their bodies.  Please listen to their words, and then share it with every woman you know.  We must prevent women from falling prey to a sales pitch that is not only a lie but may cost them their health or even their lives.


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